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Derma Clinical Patented Liposome technology for skin delivery and Skin lightening cream (Under WIPO and UK patent)

Nanotechnology process: So it’s not about the ingredients used in Dermafair, it’s the process which is unique and we have optimized the process to get the desired results. Nanotechnology process developed by Derma Clinical is unique and under Patent in WIPO (The World Intellectual Property Organization) as well as in India.

Liposome Technology works by using liposomal micro spheres to deliver the Active ingredients into the skin safe effectively and where the actives are needed to reduce the over production of Skin Colour (Melanin).

Skin is made of natural phospholipids and phospholipids are the building blocks in the skin. Liposomal are made of natural phospholipid and active ingredients are totally encapsulated inside the Liposomes by the patented technology.

Liposomes are Biological inert, Biodegradable and enhanced the effectiveness of cream. Liposomes because of their unique ability to transport nutrients and the anti-oxidants into the deeper layer of skin. We have used the flexible Liposomes which are easily penetrate into the layer of skin where Liposomes rejuvenate your skin and also to reduce the over activity of melanocyte in the skin to a normal level.

Anti-oxidant and Vitamin rich Dermafair skin lightening cream contains Active Liposomes of Vitamin E, B3, B5, C. These Vitamins are encapsulate in a phospholipid that can deeply penetrate the skin and deliver its anti-ageing ingredients at the deepest layer of skin where skin really needs to rejuvenate skin and have anti-ageing effect. Anti-oxidant in Dermafair has been shown to improve skin hydration, reduce fine lines, diminish wrinkles and improve texture.

We have developed a unique process and perfected delivery through Stratum corneum using active transport with different peptides. These are the Liposomes of Kojic acid using peptides for effective delivery through skin. Liposomes are made using a complex process where you get unilamilar particles of Liposomes. Liposomes are much better in delivering anti-oxidants and vitamins into the skin where they reduce the melanin production and rejuvenate the younger looking skin and have the desired skin lightening effect.



In aqueous systems phospholipids form vesicles consisting of one or multiple phospholipid membranes (liposomes) with inner aqueous areas. Due to their structure liposomes can incorporate and transport substances poorly soluble in water as well as hydrophilic substances. Liposomes offer versatile applications as delivery systems of highly active drug substances and actives in pharmaceutical and in cosmetic products.


The application of these systems makes it possible to impact on the release, absorption, bioavailability and efficacy of drug and vital substances.


Phospholipids are ideal substances for developing Cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations. Drug delivery systems are one important application field.

Liposomes – vesicles consisting of an aqueous core that is surrounded by a phospholipid-based bi-layer (membrane). Neutral liposomes are formulated with phosphatidylcholine (PC). Liposomes can be stabilized by combining PC with negatively charged phospholipids such as PA, PG, PS and PE, and positively charged by adding DOTAP. PEGylated phospholipids allow the formation of sterically stabilized and long circulating liposomes.    

Derma Clinical Liposomal Technology:  

Derma Clinical have developed multi-layered liposomes entrapping technology where each hydrophilic component separately from each other in different liposomal layer (Tyrosinase inhibitors, anti-oxidants and peptides used in Dermafair cream).  Entrapping separate compound Multi-Layer is a new and advanced technology and the advantage is that there is No compatibility issues with compounds used.  Entrapping Hydrophilic compounds in Liposomes is a big challenge, which we overcome in our Technology.


Developing Liposomal product is a chanllenge to not only cosmetic indurstry but also for the pharmaceutical industry.    Multi-layered Liposomes is the very latest technology and Derma Clinical have perfected to make multi layered lipsomes on large scale so that we can fulfill market demand as a Liposomal product.   Our technology is under UK patent and we will go for WIPO patent as well.


Our is a fully Liposomal skin lightening cream.  As its Liposomal cream, its has to be stored in cold in refridgerator.   Liposomes are stable at cold temperature. 


Nanotechnology process:  So it’s not all about the ingredients used in Dermafair, it’s the Liposomal process which is exclusive and we have optimized the process to get the desired results.  There are so many factors which are optimised to get the desired stability of Liposomes and their ability to pass through the stratum corneum and epidermis layer of skin.  The advantage of Dermafair cream is that it’s difficult to copy as unless you know the exact process variables and details. Therefore if someone trying to copy by Reverse Engineering, the duplicate cream won't work.    

Liposomal Manufacturing Technology:  Liposomal technology is very complex and especially the expertise in Liposomes manufacturing at large production is exclusive.   Here is typical Liposomal manufacturing at Large scale.  





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